2023 August Berlin-Brussels-Antwerp-Bruges-Ghent-Paris-Calais-Dover-Canterbury-London- Brighton-Eastbourne-Hastings

One of my earliest memories is concrete: the concrete roads, the concrete yard and the concrete roads that shielded the outside world from my childhood.

I felt that exploring the idea of my definition of life foundation would be best suited by the use of concrete.

The duration of this project focuses on documenting and experiencing the effects of foundation in day to day life.

I aim to understand metaphorically whether my foundation has a positive or negative impact on my and others perception.

Trying to understand whether it could become a burden in the literal sense as much as it feels like a burden in the metaphorical sense or whether situations and experiences arise from carrying this foundation with me, that are for the better.

I aim to retrace my journey from the end to the beginning. From Berlin, Germany , to Eastbourne UK.

I have enclosed items that I feel are a glimpse of importance of my life 

Items that I have held dear to me

From start to end I will be attached to the block of foundation as well as the contained items, both emotionally and literally through the use of a harness.

With the finalization of the process being my letting it go, releasing myself and dropping the block at a height. Smashing away the foundation, recollecting and rearranging it to identify the wanted and unwanted remains of it.

We all drag our foundations with us- small or large – and with this project I aim to answer the question whether we should break away from them or not.


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